Shade Tree Players

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Accurately complete registration forms – include most updated list of planned absences
  2. Pay tuition fee on or before the parent meeting for your child’s show
  3. Attend the parent meeting for your child’s show
  4. At the parent meeting, update list of planned absences if different from the registration form
  5. Ensure that your child attends all rehearsals unless approved prior to casting – this is crucial to the success of both the actor and the cast
  6. Drop off and pick up your child no more than 15 minutes prior to and following rehearsal
  7. Update personal calendars with all rehearsal times and locations, promotional events, and performances
  8. Volunteer for promotional events, work days, strikes, and performances
  9. Read all communications from Shade Tree staff (directors, stage managers, program manager, etc.) including emails, newsletters, and mail
  10. Support the success of the show and your child by assisting with any outside performance preparation (homework), including line memorization

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