Shade Tree Players

Refund Policy

Registration fees are eligible for refund until the participant accepts their role as assigned or until the registration period ends on May 31. Once a participant accepts their role, or the registration period ends, no refund shall be issued. For these purposes, payment of the registration fee constitutes an agreement to these terms and an indication of intention to accept a role as assigned.

For the conservatory program, this means that, for the participants that register during the first-round audition phase, they will have until the first-round cast list is published approximately three weeks after the conclusion of the second audition date, or whenever the first-round cast list is published, to request a refund. For the second-round auditionees, payment of the registration fee and acceptance of a role might occur simultaneously.

For the academy program, this means that participants will have until the registration period closes on May 31 to request a refund.

Shade Tree Players programs are very similar to team sports: everyone in the program relies upon one another. They also garner significant overhead: Dakota Stage Ltd., spends a significant portion of its budget for this program on previously accrued costs such as the license fees for the performances, participants’ scripts, and participants’ tee shirts. These are all sunk costs once participants register. However, DSL recognizes that there should be a period during which, no questions asked, a participant or their family might change their mind about participating in a five-or-six-week-long program requiring several consecutive hours a day. To accommodate both of these conflicting interests, DSL has adopted the above refund policy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out us at

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