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Shade Tree July 4th Parade

July 4th Parade Sign-Up

July 4, 2024
Available Spot Start Open Spots
Child Age 10+ Accompanied 9:00 AM 15 remaining:  
Child 10+ Unaccompanied 9:00 AM 10 remaining:  
Child 9 and Under Accompanied 9:00 AM 14 remaining:  
Child 9 and Under Unaccompanied 9:00 AM 10 remaining:  

Shade Tree Players is excited to participate in the Mandan Fourth of July Parade again this year!  The following guidelines are designed to keep your children safe during this fun, promotional event. For safety reasons, children must be dropped off AND picked up at the parade staging area.

If your child plans to attend, please read this document in entirety, then print, sign, and date the bottom. You can email it to me at or bring it on the day of the parade.

  1. All participants will be expected to be on their best behavior, follow instructions, and heed the adult chaperones at all times. While on the float, participants will treat each other respectfully, not roughhouse, and keep their bodies entirely on the float.
  2. Participants must sign up by July 3 at in order to participate and you MUST sign this agreement and turn it in by email or on the day of the parade. There are a limited number of spots available in order to ensure your children’s safety.  Children 9 and under who are not accompanied by an adult must ride on the float at all times.  Children 9 and under who are accompanied by an adult may walk in the parade.  Children 10 and up do not have to be accompanied by an adult and are expected to walk for the entirety of the parade. There will be some room on the float if a participant has a reasonable need for a break.  Children 10 and up will follow the float closely while handing out promotional bookmarks and stamps.
  3. Participants need to arrive at 8 a.m. at the staging area (Mandan rodeo grounds) if they want to decorate the float (ages 10+). Otherwise, they should arrive at 9 a.m. Our float number will be between 20 and 40 and we will be in the middle.  More information and a map will be provided prior to the event.
  4. Parents should ensure their children are fed, hydrated, and have applied sunscreen prior to arriving at the event. STP will provide water, but children should bring their own beverages and snacks.  Please make sure they have their names on any items they bring with them.  We will have a cooler on the float where they can put their items.
  5. Children will wear their Shade Tree show t-shirt. If they don’t have it yet, they will be given theirs on the day of the parade.
  6. Children must be dropped off and picked up at the parade staging area. Please be there by 1 p.m. to pick up your child(ren).  Please communicate with STP representatives if someone other than the person who dropped them off will pick up their child.
  7. Parent volunteers are needed! We will need at least five parent volunteers for this event.  This event will not count toward STP volunteer hours, but it is fun, rewarding, and an excellent opportunity to get the word out about our wonderful program!

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